What is the Personal Customs Clearance 

If you purchase from a Global Seller in overseas, an international courier will carry out the customs clearance procedure, abiding by principles of private import customs clearance. If your order exceeds certain amounts , you become the person liable for tax payment.

In this case, you are responsible for import tax and VAT. Please follow the courier’s instructions and make payment to UK Customs Service.

Please note that the courier may request your personal information (e.g. Personal Customs Clearance Code) for customs clearance.

Shipments may be delayed due to customs reasons in the country, which will remain “Customs clearance”. Customs clearance issues may arise, when the customers don’t fulfill the customs duties or comply with local import regulations and so on. For these reasons local customs will directly contact you.

Why does the status keep showing as Customs clearance

If cusoms can not contact you, it may result in delivery delay for a long time, and in some cases customs make your items return to UK without further notice.

For fast customs clearance, please make sure to purchase according to the import regulations of your country. If the shipping status of items stays in the process of “customs clearance” for a long time, please contact customs directly.

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