International shipping procedures are as follows. Please refer to the information below for the expected days taken for each stage.
As shipping may be delayed due to issues that may arise in any stage, please place your orders in advance.
In the case of domestic delivery products, each seller will ship directly to you without the process of the combined package, so delivery will be completed within an average of 3 days from the time of shipment. The shipping day may vary depending on the circumstances of delivery.

1. [Shipping within UK] 
– Domestic shipping completed within three business days from the date of payment completion.
– Goods shipped for international shipping in 1-2 days after all products enter the distribution center


* As goods from multiple sellers are packaged together at the Mamdeals distribution center for international shipping, the time of warehousing is delayed if the delivery of even a single item in the total order is delayed.


2. [Shipping from UK to Destination countries]
– Goods shipped by air within 2 days from the date of transfer to express couriers
– Average of 5 days taken for shipping to customer’s requested final destination after customs inspection within delivery region


* As time taken for customs inspections and delivery/shipping processes differ by region and country, the final delivery date may vary by region.

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