Woolite Non Bio Mixed Darks Super Concentrated Liquid 750ml Case of 6

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Size: 750ml X 6


This super concentrated Woolite is a liquid detergent for dark patterned fabrics that’s designed to keep your clothes looking and feeling like new. It features triple protection to help prevent irreversible washing-related damage like fading colours and thinning fibres. In the laundry, your clothes are repeatedly exposed to chemical and mechanical wear that’s impossible to reverse – faded jeans won’t regain their colour and a shrunken t-shirt is lost forever. Without sacrificing cleaning power, Woolite Super Concentrated contains none of the harsh ingredients like bleach or phosphates that can cause fibres to fray, and clothes to lose their elasticity. This ‘Mixed Darks’ variety is specifically designed for use on darker clothes and provides extra protection against colours fading and running to help keep your darks intense, and your whites white. Woolite can be used like a normal detergent and is suitable for use on any fabric. Since it’s super concentrated, you can use less liquid and get the same effective care for your clothes; more washes per bottle means less money spent and less harm done to the environment. Plus, as a liquid detergent, it dissolves into the wash faster and won’t leave a residue on your clothes. Woolite is also effective at lower temperatures, so you can reduce your energy consumption and still get clean and well protected clothes. A little tip to help you get the best out of Woolite: modern washing machines can handle a full load, so there’s no need to under-fill your drum.

Size: 750ml X 6




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