Returns may only be made through the customer center after the goods have been received.


1. Reasons attributable to buyer
– Eligibility for refund is determined after consultation with the seller (the refund request may be denied if the buyer cannot return the item due to product properties, deformation or other reasons.) Costs related to returns shall be borne by the buyer. The refund process may be delayed if payment is not made for additional fees by the buyer.
(* Please take note that requests for returns purely due to the buyer’s change of mind may only be made within 7 days after the product had been received.)


2. Reasons attributable to seller
When materials proving reasons other than buyer’s change of mind such as errors in delivery (different from product specification, delivery of different product than ordered), product defects are presented to the customer center (to prove product defects), Mamdeals consults with the buyer/express courier to verify the imputable party and commences appropriate compensation and refund processes. Related costs shall be borne by the determined imputable party.


* When the original payment is not refundable, compensation may be made in the form of points according to company regulations.
* Please note that refunds/exchanges may be restricted after purchase has been confirmed
(What is purchase confirmation? Purchase confirmation is made when the buyer clicks confirm purchase on the order form or automatically 7 days after the goods have been received, or 60 days after the goods have been delivered.)

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